Welcome to job seekers who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, veterans who already have civilian work experience, members of the National Guard and reserves, and military spouses and other family members. Our company’s continuing mission: to help men and women who have military backgrounds connect with clients and prospects that include employers, franchisors, and educational institutions.


Download our guide to Resume_Best_Practices  and be sure to check out our blog entries about ResumesYour resume should paint a picture of a well-qualified candidate who can bring immediate results to the civilian workplace.  It should focus on your skills, achievements, and qualifications, and communicate why you are the best candidate for a position. The items below highlight common mistakes that should be avoided, as well as best practices.

Featured industries in future issues of Search & Employ®

November / December 2012  – Law Enforcement; Information Technology
January / February 2013 – Defense Sector; Insurance & Financial Services
March/April 2013 – Government; Franchising
May/June 2013 – Energy; Education
July/August 2013 – Transportation & Logistics; Manufacturing
September/October 2013 – Healthcare; Retail