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Founded in 1966, TASC provides advanced systems engineering, integration and decision-support services to the intelligence community, Department of Defense, and civilian agencies of the federal government. With 5,000 employees in 38 locations, TASC generates more than $1.6 billion in annual revenue.

Michael Cox, an Air Force veteran, is director, Missile Defense. His organization within TASC provides engineering and advisory support service to its primary customer, the Missile Defense Agency. Its personnel who run the gamut  from system engineers, flight and ground test engineers and analysts, sensors engineers and operators, to staff officers and executive assistants.

Many of those positions are filled with veterans, and for good reason. “Veterans come to us with a wealth of experience as well as the type of work ethic, discipline, and innovative and creative thought that we are looking for,” said Cox. “As we provide support to the DoD and its services and agencies, it is good to provide personnel who have experience in those organizations, as well as with the programs and challenges those services face.”

Caryn McGarry, Director, Recruiting, for TASC, said that the organization had approximately 1,300 job openings across the United States when Search & Employ interviewed her in late September 2010. “While we seek talent in a variety of disciplines, most of our opportunities fall in the categories of engineering, program management, contracts management, information systems, and business development,” she said.

She noted that TASC has a long history of hiring veterans. “On my team is a retired military recruiter who actively participates in TAP programs through Fort Meade, Fort. Belvoir, and Henderson Hall,” Cox said. “This year alone, we have attended six veteran-focused career fairs and have at least one more on our schedule before the end of the year. Also, at the moment we are in the midst of a recruiting ‘blitz’.”

According to Cox, there are many reasons why veterans make exceptional employees.  “They’ve had incredibly challenging jobs and learned complicated skills during their years of service. And because much of our work is supporting critical missions within the armed services, they ‘know’ our customer.”

“Even more important to us at TASC is the knowledge that we share the same values—integrity, commitment to excellence, teamwork and respect, to name just a few. And like the people of TASC, we know veterans are focused on mission success—they are perfectly synched with our business philosophy, bringing both the knowledge and dedication our customers expect from us.”

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