Ready . . . Aim . . . Hire!® With Our New Job Board

By Rick Marshall

RecruitMilitary celebrated Veterans Day by rolling out our next-generation veteran job board, which makes hiring a veteran a whole lot easier. Our candidate search engine is now much faster, and database subscribers can narrow their search results via keywords. The new board makes it easier to share jobs with candidates, save resumes to folders, and forward resumes to non-registered site visitors – giving job postings a lot more exposure. Candidates are responding favorably, with over 300 registering daily.  We have also added the ability to restrict a license to a 100-mile radius covering a specific geographic location.

What will the new job board let you do?

  • Search for candidates more than ten times faster
  • Narrow your searches progressively—no more going back to the beginning—because we added search facets
  • Set up candidate search agents to get daily emails of fresh candidates
  • Share jobs with candidates with only two clicks
  • Forward candidate profiles to anyone in your organization
  • Choose from many options to get your jobs loaded easily into our system
  • Connect with hundreds of thousands of registered candidates, with 250+ new candidates registering daily

Sample Search

Here is just one example of the speed and utility of the new board: I ran a search looking for a senior enlisted veteran to work on helicopter and other equipment maintenance in East Texas. On our top page for employers, I typed “Helicopter Mechanic.” In an instant, a list showing ten of 2,705 candidate names appeared on my screen, along with the candidates’ ranks, branches of the service, and current locations.

To the left of the list was a message: “Too many results? Click on these categories to refine your search.” The facet categories are: Pay Grade, Education, Branch of Service, Military Status, Work Interests, City, State, Security Clearance, Minimum Compensation, and Most Recent Activity.

A result group of 2,075 was too large for me, so I decided to refine my search by work interests. I clicked on that category, and a list appeared indicating that 1,342 of the candidates were interested in Maintenance—Install/Repair, 1,258 in Maintenance/Supervision, 1,128 in Maintenance Management, and so on in descending numerical order through a list of 20 categories. I clicked on Maintenance—Heavy Equipment (6th in the list, with 807 candidates), and in another instant, the names of the first ten of the 807 appeared.

Next, under Pay Grade, I could have clicked on E-6, E-7, E-8, or E-9. Since E-6 seemed about right, I clicked on that, narrowing the search to 128 candidates. Then, finally, I clicked on State, and found that there were 17 candidates in Texas, one in Oklahoma, and one in Louisiana.

I stopped there, figuring that an actual recruiter would start going through the candidate registration profiles and resumes at that point. I had proven to myself that a good recruiter could make excellent use of the narrow-the-search feature, modifying his or her strategy as the search progressed, depending on the results of each step.

Nearly Double the Job Categories


When completing a registration profile using our “old board,” a candidate could select up to 10 of 64 categories of previous work experience and future job interest. Our new job board offers 117 categories, and the candidate can select as many as he or she wishes.


We expanded certain categories to reflect recent growth and increased specialization. For example, there are now 14 choices under Information Technology. Logistics and Transportation are now separate categories. Law Enforcement now stands alone as a choice, no longer in combination with the legal and security fields. New categories include avionics, contract administration, and quality assurance.


Candidates can choose from three maintenance fields. Quality control and Safety have been added as well. Candidates can also choose among the following Security choices: Intrusion Detection, Network Management, and Protective Services.

If you are not already a RecruitMilitary database subscriber, schedule a free demo today! Sign up for a group or one-on-one demo at If you are already a subscriber – thank you! You are in for a treat.

Rick Marshall is our Director of Online Customer Support and a former Corporal in the United States Marine Corps. Contact him at (513) 683-5020, or




On November 19, 2010, the following numbers of candidates in the database at had listed work experience in defense-related fields. The numbers under 100 reflect the fact that those categories have been available only since November 11, 2010, when we rolled out our new job board.


IT – Hardware: 32,553

IT – Other: 24,632

Military – Other: 23,334

Aerospace/Defense: 23,212

Public Sector/Government: 17,447

Intelligence: 11,788

Engineering – Other: 8,256

IT – Web Development: 7,760

Engineering – Mechanical: 5,247

Engineering – Electrical: 4,492

Engineering – Quality: 4,275

Satellite: 3,563

Engineering – Industrial: 2,383

Linguist/Translator/Interpreter: 2,241

Aviation Maintenance: 67

IT – Network/LAN/WAN: 62

IT – System Administration: 59

Government/Public Sector: 57

Government Contractor: 48

Aviation: 42

IT – Project Management: 35

IT – Software: 34

Military – Intelligence Analysis: 33

IT – Databases: 32

Avionics: 29

IT – Security: 27

Contract Administration: 24

IT – Executive Management: 21

IT – Testing/QA

IT – Systems Analysis: 18

IT – Sales: 15

IT – Systems Engineer: 9

Security – Network Management: 4

Geospatial: 3


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This article was written by Jay Myers