Job Search Advice – Ready . . . Aim . . . Get Hired!® – Use a Military-to-Civilian Recruiter!

Ready . . . Aim . . . Get Hired!® – Use a Military-to-Civilian Recruiter  |

By Rick Jones  |  vice president of sales at RecruitMilitary and a former master gunnery sergeant in the United States Marine Corps  |

Published in the January/February 2011  issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Military-to-civilian recruiting firms provide plenty of help to transitioning and veteran personnel who are seeking employment, entrepreneurial, and educational opportunities. Those firms connect men and women who have military backgrounds with employers, franchisors, and educational institutions.

The largest of those firms do not charge opportunity seekers for making those connections. Instead, the companies receive their revenue from client organizations—the employers that do the hiring, the franchisors that help veterans go into business for themselves, and the educational institutions that help veterans boost their job qualifications.

Among those recruiting firms is RecruitMilitary, the publisher of Search & Employ®. This company helps transitioning and veteran military—as well as military spouses—by:

  • Publishing job postings for job seekers to search;
  • Storing resumes so that client organizations can access them;
  • E-mailing announcements of specific opportunities to carefully selected groups of opportunity seekers;
  • Producing Opportunity Expos all over the country;
  • Publishing job-search tips on its website; and
  • Publishing the magazine you are reading!



RecruitMilitary maintains more than 240,000 job postings at To search the postings, register at the site—it’s free.

After you register, click on Job Search. On the resulting page, you will find a Job Location field. Just click on one or more states in which you would like to work.

In the Job Category field, click on a category that interests you. For example, if you are interested in work mentioned in this issue of Search & Employ®, click on Law Enforcement/Legal/Security, Computers, Information Technology, Internet, or Telecommunications. If you are interested in becoming the owner of a local or regional franchise, click on Franchise/Business Ownership and Entrepreneurship.


When you register, you will fill out a form that produces a document called a registration profile. Your profile will become available immediately to thousands of employers, franchisors, and educational institutions that access our database of registered opportunity seekers.

I strongly recommend that, before you leave, you also post one or more resumes. Why post a resume if you have already completed your profile? Because many employers will not consider job seekers who do not post resumes.

You can post up to five resumes on the site. You can tailor each to a specific industry or occupation, or even to a specific job location. The site provides tips for writing your own resumes, and provides a link to RecruitMilitary’s resume service if you prefer to have your resume prepared by a professional.


Registering and posting a resume will also make your information available to RecruitMilitary’s own recruiting staff. Employers place position specifications with us, asking us to find job seekers to fill specific openings.

Our search consultants scan our database and other sources to find men and women who might qualify for the openings. We then interview those individuals by phone and present the most promising of them to the employers.


You can supplement your reading of Search & Employ ®by accessing articles at Subjects of the articles include interviewing techniques, career self-assessment, resume building, salary negotiations, and networking advice.


We invite registered opportunity seekers via e-mail to attend our military-to-civilian Opportunity Expos in their geographical areas. We produce events nationwide, from Boston to San Diego and from Tacoma to Miami. From 2006 through the end of 2011, we will have conducted more than 360 events in over 50 cities.

Best of luck in your job search. Thank you for serving in the armed forces of the United States!


Rick Jones is National Account Executive, Houston, at RecruitMilitary and a former Master Gunnery Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps.

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