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The GEO Group, Inc. (GEO) is one of the world’s largest correctional and detention organizations, with 116 facilities and about 80,000 beds the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. GEO delivers private correctional and detention management, community re-entry services, and behavioral and mental health services to government agencies around the globe. The company’s services also include the design, construction management, and financing of state and federal prisons, immigration and detention centers, community re-entry facilities, mental health and residential treatment centers, and other special needs institutions.

GEO employs more than 20,000 professionals within its facilities and at its regional, international, and corporate offices. The company offers a wide variety of career opportunities, including case managers, counselors, correctional officers, design and construction professionals, detention officers, secure transportation officers, facility administrators, finance and accounting professionals, information systems professionals, psychologists, teachers and instructors, wardens, registered nurses, and physicians.

Stephen Fuller joined GEO in 2006 as Vice President of Human Resources, and was promoted in January 2011 to Senior Vice President, Human Resources. He oversees HR functions for the Recruitment, Retention, Compensation, Benefits, and Employee Relations departments.

“My father was in the Army, my uncle served in the Navy, and my brothers were in the Marines and the Navy,” he said.  Fuller noted that there are a lot of opportunities at GEO. He’d like many of those openings to be filled by veterans.

“Hiring veterans has been a positive experience for GEO,” Fuller said. “Fifteen percent of our workforce is composed of veterans. Veterans are honest, hardworking and respectful. GEO is rapidly growing, so the prospect for veterans to be hired is excellent.”

Fuller said that the similarities between GEO and the military will make the transition for veterans easy. “Given our disciplined structure and collaborative culture, veterans assimilate quickly and easily into the organization,” he said. “GEO is a great place to work. People who leave the organization return to GEO when they realize the grass is not greener. Consistently over the past three years, ten percent of all our hires are rehires.”


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