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Founded in Calgary more than 20 years ago, Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd. is a manufacturer of drilling equipment, including top drives, automated catwalks, floor wrenches, control systems, and a line of intelligent accessories. The company has a commitment to new product development that began with the industry’s first portable electric top drive and has continued with the development of state-of-the-art rig site data-gathering and transmission tools. From pipe handlers to wrenches and top drives, its products are hands-free, minimizing lost-time accidents.

The company’s headquarters are in Houston, with additional manufacturing in Calgary and technical support offices throughout the United States and Canada. Canrig is a global corporation and a division of Nabors Industries, the world’s largest land-based drilling contractor. Canrig has grown over the last six years from 275 to 1,300 employees and from $130 million to $500 million in revenues.

Most job opportunities at Canrig are for technicians and engineers, and supply chain, quality control, and documentation professionals. Corporate, shop, and field positions are typically available.

Canrig has historically recruited veterans because the military provides technical training and an extraordinary discipline program. The company sees veterans as self-starters and problem solvers, trained to rely on their teams and, if required, to think on the fly and call for backup. Canrig values people with a high capacity to learn and the ability to make educated decisions. Like the military, Canrig believes in their people and that, with proper training, they can accomplish any task given them.

Seth Robert, a Marine Corps veteran, has found success at Canrig. “Canrig has recognized my hard work, dedication, and commitment to continuous improvement,” he said. “Along with myself, Canrig has hired many people from the military, and many of them have moved up within the organization to become successful supervisors and managers. Canrig continues to look for great military talent to be the future leaders of their company.” Robert works as a regional operatons manager at Canrig.

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