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Byron Barron is a CertaPro Painters franchisee in northeast Georgia. He served on active duty in the Army for 26 years before retiring as a command sergeant major. He believes that veterans are a great fit for owning a CertaPro Painters franchise.

“Veterans are disciplined, self-motivated, and directed career leaders that understand the systems approach to management,” Barron said. He believes that those qualities mesh well with the CertaPro Painters franchisee program.

“CertaPro Painters provides a system that can be readily learned and applied to achieve growth,” Barron said. “They have a great support system that provides training, coaching, and leadership to help franchisees attain their goals.”

CertaPro Painters are professional painting contractors; their crews paint every type of house and building: interior, exterior, residential, commercial, office, and condominium. CertaPro Painters is the largest residential and commercial painting company in North America.

A CertaPro Franchisee is someone who can operate a proven business plan. The company is looking for business operators, not painters. The company has spent nearly 20 years improving its business, and now continuously looks for entrepreneurs to bring their sales, marketing, and operational skills to the table as franchisees.

CertaPro Painters participates in the VetFran program, which offers a 10 percent discount on the franchise fee to veterans who were honorably discharged. The company also offers financing for up to half of the franchise fee.

Barron is confident that CertaPro Painters and military veterans make great partners.  “I believe that CertaPro Painters is a good fit for former military members for many reasons,” he said. “CertaPro Painters has a well-defined set of values that follows closely the ones developed and used by the military. CertaPro Painters has a formal and informal training strategy that supports its members. The training is close to the same system used in the military where you learn a task and then apply that learning hands on. After you grasp one task, you receive additional training and then go into the field to practice it. This continues through every phase of development – from a new guy off the street through experienced franchise owners.”

Barron has good things to say about CertaPro’s franchisee support. “The support given to franchisees is outstanding,” Barron said. “Whenever I have a question, there is someone in the system to help. Each of the support teams have a good knowledge of who and what is needed and where to find the answers. In four-plus years, I have never had a question go unanswered. Further, we are given a business coach – they call them general managers. These coaches bring a high level of business experience to the table, and have allowed me to build a successful business attaining an average yearly growth of 45 percent during the last four years.”

In addition, Barron says that the vendors who support his efforts have been excellent. “The list of competent and professional vendors that support us is unbelievable,” he said. “I am constantly impressed by how well they take care of our needs.

As someone who has successfully made the transition from a military career to one as a franchisee, Barron has some good advice. “Veterans should pay down debt, get educated on opportunities, explore their passions, and perform due diligence,” he said.  As for becoming a franchisee, he suggests veterans touch base with their professional networks. “Reach out and ask them for advice on franchising or start-up business development,” he said.

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