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The military has a healthcare challenge. It’s able to recruit people who join the service so they can become healthcare professionals on the government’s dime. But once a servicemember’s commitment is up, he or she tends to head to the civilian sector, where healthcare jobs pay more and don’t require a move every few years.

So how does the military replace those doctors? It many cases it doesn’t. It takes a long time to train and educate an emergency room doctor, for example, and there isn’t always someone waiting in the wings to take over. That’s where American Hospital Services Group, LLC, swoops in to make sure the military has the best care in its hospitals.

Founded in 1992, American Hospital Services Group, LLC provides healthcare professionals to the United States military health system, as well as local and regional hospital systems across the United States and overseas. It has long-term contracts with the Army, Air Force, and Navy to provide a mix of healthcare professionals, including physical therapists, psychologists, nurses, physician assistants, medical doctors and others.

“In many cases, we seek individuals who are leaving the military, but would really like to stay in their same position in the same location, but just perform their duties as a civilian,” said Jeff Rohrbaugh, president of American Hospital Services Group, LLC. “That way the military is happy, the healthcare professional is happy, and the people who need the healthcare are happy because they get to keep their relationship with the healthcare professional they have come to know.”

Rohrbaugh has over 20 years experience as a healthcare executive. He currently serves as AHSG’s President, overseeing the company’s strategic direction and day-to-day management.

“While putting the right person in the right place is our main objective, we don’t stop providing service to our professionals and the facilities we contract with,” Rohrbaugh said. “Recently, there was an off-duty OB-GYN physician who worked at Langley Air Force Base who came to the rescue of a woman and her baby. The woman presented in the ER during a time when there was no OB-GYN on duty. This physician arrived within six minutes, and delivered the child four minutes later. Mom and baby survived, but possibly neither would have if this physician had not gotten there so quickly.

“After it all happened, we presented the physician with a plaque,” Rohrbaugh continued. “Contractors don’t always get the recognition they deserve for going above and beyond, so we think it’s important to show that they are appreciated.”

The recruiters at American Hospital Services Group, LLC get personal when trying to find the best places for healthcare professionals. They don’t just try to match up job hunters and jobs.

“If someone is looking for a job in a particular location, our recruiters develop a profile for them that takes into account their skills and objectives as well as family, housing needs and even schooling needs if that person has children. We call it ‘outplacement on steroids.’ That’s why we like to start 12 months in advance of someone needing a position so we can find them a place that makes both them and the healthcare facility happy. We’ve never placed a healthcare professional that didn’t work out.”

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