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Ever wish that all of your favorite restaurants would deliver their food right to your door? There must be times when you don’t have the time, energy, or desire to cook – or the time, energy, or desire to jump in the car and fight the traffic to get to your favorite eatery.

Enter GoWaiter, a company created to provide busy consumers with the ability to order the food they want from the local restaurants they love and have it delivered to their homes, offices, or hotel rooms within an average of 45 to 55 minutes and for a fee of less than $5.

For more than 10 years, Go Waiter’s management team has helped other restaurant delivery services (RDS) get started – and the team has also owned and operated some of the most successful RDS operations in the industry. After helping more than 50 RDS’s throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Kuwait get started, the team decided that it was time to put the system under one name: GoWaiter.

Brian Crawford, the vice president of franchising for GoWaiter, has worked for more than 19 years in the franchising industry. He believes GoWaiter is cooking up a recipe for success.

“We’re not cooking as much as a society,” Crawford said. “And we don’t always want to order pizza or Chinese food. Those are great options, but we provide many others that will never go stale. For a $3-$4 charge, we can bring the food hot and fresh to your door at menu prices. In this economy and with gas prices so high, this makes a lot of sense. We offer a lot of variety, and with all the restaurant options it can be easier to eat healthy.”

The franchisee gets access to a call center he or she does not have to staff or manage, a website with secure ordering, integrated dispatching software, a marketing plan, and training. The training includes one week of classroom instruction, three days of operational instruction, and two to three weeks of instruction in the franchisee’s market prior to launch.

A GoWaiter franchise business consultant works with new franchisees to sign up new restaurant partners. GoWaiter also helps the franchisee set up an office, receive and set up Delivery Waiter equipment, find qualified drivers, and establish operating procedures. The franchisee concentrates on marketing the delivery services, relying on the drivers to deliver the food.

Crawford believes that veterans make the ideal franchisees. “Their work ethic and willingness and ability to believe in and follow a system will help them reach great success,” Crawford said. “With our system it’s hard to fail. Franchisees that follow the model will succeed. Veterans have already learned how successful they can be by following a system, and they will fit in great with us.”

At the beginning of 2012, GoWaiter had more than 25 franchisees, six of whom had military experience. Crawford said the company will more than double that number in 2012. Veterans get a 20 percent discount off the franchise fee, something Crawford hopes will entice veterans to look GoWaiter’s way.

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