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L-3 Communications is a prime contractor in Command, Control, Communications, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (C3ISR) systems, aircraft modernization and maintenance, and government services. The company also is a leading provider of a broad range of electronic systems used on military and commercial platforms.

For more than 30 years, Madison, Mississippi-based L-3 SFS, a portfolio company of L-3 Communications, has consistently met customers’ operational requirements through proven approaches to resolving reliability, maintainability, logistics support, and obsolescence issues.

Peter Vozzo is the Risk Manager and Ethics Officer at L-3 Systems Field Support (SFS), and a West Point graduate. He was an Army aviator for more than a decade.  Vozzo’s experience in the Army and since leaving the military helped him understand how valuable veterans are to any employer.

“Our biggest needs for new employees are in the aviation servicing field; mechanics, logisticians, and all around team-players,” said Vozzo. “L-3 SFS job locations currently include over 250 sites throughout the United States and overseas. The nature of our business and the manner in which we satisfy our customer certainly lends itself to hiring veterans. Our experience has been that former soldiers, sailors and airmen are highly adaptable and show strong work ethic. They quickly prove themselves and rise to the top amongst their peers regardless of the type vehicle they are working with.”

Nancy Carroll, a senior director in human resources at L-3 SFS, agrees. “We certainly have an affinity for veterans,” she said. “They have the discipline, professionalism and experience we are looking for. They are also teachable, which makes a big difference we take on new projects, as well as good at teaching others. We have 7,300 employees and it’s a $1.5 billion business. We’re everywhere.”

Much of what L-3 SFS does involves fixed and rotary wing aircraft, but applicants don’t need to be from those military communities to get interest from the company. “We pull from all over,” said Carroll. “We need supply people, administrative personnel, and mechanics of all types to name a few.”

“The sheer size of our company should be attractive to anyone looking for a job,” Carroll said. “There are a lot of opportunities for advancement and other positions to check out. It’s easy to have a long career here. L-3 offers it all.”

She pointed out that the company is competitive when it comes to pay and benefits, and offers a great work-life balance. L-3 Communications recently won a competitively bid U.S. Army contract exceeding $440 million to provide life-cycle support for fixed-wing aircraft, and will need additional personnel.  The work on the C-12, RC-12 and UC-35 planes will occur over a five-year period. “We’ve got openings all over the place,” Carroll said.

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