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The Cintas Corporation leaves little doubt about how seriously it takes recruiting veterans. After all, how many businesses have a specific employee assigned to focus solely on that segment?

That is the mission of Matt Luther, Cintas Corporation’s national military recruiting director. It’s his job to secure the best and the brightest veteran candidates for Cintas.

The company is serious about bringing veterans to work there because they want the best talent available. “We’ve had a veteran recruiting program here for more than 20 years,” said Luther, who spent nine years on active duty in the Army and ten years in the National Guard. “The initial focus was on Marine Corps officers because our founder served in the Marines, but eventually we expanded it to encompass all services and the enlisted ranks. The program started because we knew were going to grow quickly, and that Marine Corps officers would be excellent at managing that growth.”

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Cintas Corporation provides highly specialized services – everything from work uniforms to first aid and safety supplies – to businesses of all types throughout North America. Cintas operates more than 420 facilities in the United States and Canada, including four manufacturing plants and eight distribution centers that employ more than 30,000 people. Company revenues were $3.5 billion in fiscal year 2010, while net income for the year was $216 million.

Cintas also offers a variety of positions nationwide to utilize military experience such as service and plant managers, assistant general managers, maintenance mechanics, service sales representatives, administrative professionals, engineers and production supervisors — just to name a few.

“We like to hire veterans for many reasons,” Luther said. “Veterans come from diverse backgrounds, and that helps with customers who come from diverse backgrounds. Veterans also know that safety is important, and our culture is dedicated to a safe working environment. They understand what a mission is, and they understand what our mission is from day one.”

“Veterans are also very flexible and can handle just about anything that is thrown at them,” said Bill Carigan, vice president of global accounts for Cintas. “They are great multi-taskers and can handle different roles. They also have great ethics; they do the right thing. They are honest and have integrity. But most importantly, they leave the military with great leadership skills. That level of leadership is hard to find anywhere else. It’s highly valued here at Cintas.”

Luther believes veterans will be right at home at Cintas because of the company culture. “We’re on a mission, just like the military is on a mission,” he said. “We work as a team and respect each other just like they do in the military. They tend to have a Spartan attitude, and so do we. We have to be thrifty. Cintas also does its best to take care of the employees with great pay and benefits, as well as promoting from within. This is a very stable company that retains its best employees.”

Carigan agrees that veterans will feel comfortable working at Cintas. “This is a strong corporate culture full of people who are driven to succeed,” he said. “Men and women who come to produce results will find success, and we’ve found that veterans produce results. That’s because they go the extra mile and fit our system. Veterans just perform extremely well at Cintas. They become our A-plus players. We’d be fools not to try as hard as possible to hire them.”

Carigan also isn’t shy about sharing Cintas’ competitive advantage with other companies. “We’re more than happy to help other companies set up their military recruiting programs so they can take advantage of the great personnel that are leaving the military every day,” he said. “Veterans have sacrificed so much they deserve the best jobs we can provide once they leave the service.

Cintas is more interested than ever to hire veterans because they see a lot of growth for the company in the near future. “We’re poised to grow again and add more lines of service,” Carigan said. “We need great people across the globe. We have to have that bench strength. That right supply of people is critical. Talent makes all the difference.”

“The bottom line is that veterans are trained to succeed and we want that quality on our side,” Luther said. “Veterans are not afraid of the unknown and like to take on challenges. They like to figure out a mission and then move forward. They are the ideal candidates to help us grow our business.”


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