Military Sourcing Services (MSS) Successfully Produce Qualified Candidate for Fluenta AS

Leveraging our targeted recruiting strategies to source and screen candidates for a single position

The Challenge

To find and hire quickly a qualified job candidate with very specific technical skills and a willingness to travel

Recently, Fluenta AS, a world leader in ultrasonic flare metering and the maker of the Fluenta Flare Gas Meter, wanted to hire a Field Service Technician to work out of one of its regional offices in the United States. A successful candidate for this position would need to have extensive technical experience in the electronics field and would need to travel at least 80% of the time to various customer sites, including oil rigs. To service its customers’ urgent needs, Fluenta needed to fill this position quickly with an experienced candidate who could immediately begin providing its customers with the requested technical services.

The RecruitMilitary Solution

Leverage Recruit Military’s 13 years of expertise in military-to-civilian recruitment by using Military Sourcing Services (MSS) to find qualified and interested candidates

Paul Khuri, Fluenta’s Vice President – Business Development (Americas), contacted RecruitMilitary to see whether RecruitMilitary could help Fluenta find qualified candidates for this position quickly. During his employment with another company, Mr. Khuri had used RecruitMilitary to fill several positions, and he had been pleased with the results.


Mr. Khuri discussed Fluenta’s job opening with a RecruitMilitary account executive, who suggested Military Sourcing Services (MSS). A typical contingency fee product requires the hiring company to pay a fee based on the salary of the position to be filled—typically 20% to 25% of the base compensation for the position. But a company that uses MSS engages with RecruitMilitary for a fixed, negotiated, and low fee.

To find, screen, and deliver candidates, RecruitMilitary draws upon:

(i) its 13 years of expertise in military-to-civilian recruitment

(ii) its extensive database of experienced veteran job candidates, numbering

over 400,000 and increasing by an average of 300+ daily

(iii) its lightning-fast job board software, which enables its recruiters to filter

hundreds of resumes quickly to find high-quality candidates

(iv) its recruiters’ expertise in quickly finding and screening qualified candidates

Mr. Khuri chose MSS to find qualified candidates for Fluenta’s Field Services Technician position. He and RecruitMilitary negotiated a professional services fee that was well below a typical retainer or contingency recruiting fee.


The Result

Fluenta hired an experienced, qualified candidate within 2½ weeks at a significant cost savings over the typical contingency fee model


About the Author

This article was written by Jay Myers