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Before they sold their first car, the people who started CarMax did their homework. They talked to potential car buyers and found out that buying a used car was equated with getting a root canal. They found out that people wanted a no-hassle experience and lots of high quality cars from which to choose. But most of all, the people wanted friendly customer service.

With all that in mind, CarMax has been changing the way America buys cars since they opened their first store in Richmond, Virginia in 1993. The company offers tens of thousands of used cars across the country with a low, no-haggle price. CarMax has grown to over 100 stores across the country, selling more than two million cars and appraising over five million. CarMax is listed on the Fortune 500 list, and named one of Fortune’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” seven years running.

Knight Miller, Store Support Recruiting Manager, has worked at CarMax for eight years in various capacities from the field to CarMax’s corporate office in Richmond. Currently, he manages CarMax’s field recruiting efforts, including the entry-level positions of detailer and inventory associate, as well as the most senior level store management positions.

Miller believes that things are a bit unusual – in a good way – when it comes to working at CarMax. “Job opportunities at CarMax are different,” he said. “Our associates enjoy a fun, casual work environment. We encourage team-building, associate recognition and internal promotions providing unlimited career opportunities. We currently have openings in each of our four functional areas of sales, purchasing, business office and service within our stores.”

CarMax breaks the mold of “used car salesman,” according to Miller. “One of our most exciting career opportunities is our sales consultant role,” he said. “Our sales consultants aren’t your typical used car salesmen—they’re sales professionals. They’ve got a passion for helping our customers find exactly what they want, and since their commission isn’t based on the price of the car, they can focus on finding the right car, not the most expensive. If you’re goal-oriented, confident, friendly, and you’re passionate about selling, a position as a CarMax sales consultant may be for you.

Miller said CarMax is military friendly. “CarMax has always hired veterans in every facet of our business, whether it is in our corporate office or in the field,” he said. The intangible qualities that service members have when they leave the military are just one thing that CarMax likes about hiring veterans.

“Veterans have a broad set of skills and abilities that make great contributions to the workforce,” Miller said. “Along with the technical skill sets that military members bring to the table, it is also the intangible qualities that the military develops in its members that set the veteran apart. Courage, poise and self confidence, as well as loyalty to an organization are just a few characteristics that veterans have.”

CarMax makes sure veterans have what they need to succeed in the workplace. “CarMax is an organization that provides the tools and training we need to complete our jobs,” Miller said. “The compensation and benefits package is extremely fair, and the benefits are available relatively quickly after being hired. With growth in the organization, a path for career advancement is clearly visible, and relocating is possible for interested associates.”

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