Veteran Employee Story – Sheila Meola

San Antonio Police Department  |  Making a Difference  |

Published in the November/December 2010 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Officer Sheila Meola is a retired Air Force master sergeant and a two-year veteran of the San Antonio Police Department. Meola enjoyed her time it the Air Force, but she feels that she has found a home in the SAPD. “I love it,” she said. “I loved the military, too. In fact, I miss it every day, but this is a different feeling. It’s a great job. I feel like I’m making a difference every second I’m on the street.”

She said her military experience helps her at her new job. “I liked the discipline from the military, and it also fed my desire to succeed,” she said. “You have the same kinds of opportunities to excel here as in the military. If you want it and work hard, you will be rewarded. In addition, teamwork exists throughout all levels of the Department. I recognized it the day I started at the police academy, and I see it every day on the streets.”

Meola noted that she especially liked that when she works overtime she is actually rewarded for it. “It’s eight hours a day, five days a week, but anytime we work beyond that we get compensated for it,” she said. “It’s nice that extra effort is noticed and rewarded.”

The physical demands of the Air Force and the police department are similar, she noted. One major difference is the SAPD rewards it officers for high scores on the annual physical fitness test. “It’s a great benefit that encourages us to stay in shape even more,” Meola said.

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This article was written by Jay Myers