Help for Recruiters – Let Us Help You Meet OFCCP Guidelines

Let Us Help You Meet OFCCP Guidelines  | 

By Larry Slagel  |  senior vice president of sales at RecruitMilitary and a former captain in the United States Marine Corps  |

Published in the July/August  2011  issue of print Search & Employ®  |

You can search our database of job seekers in compliance with regulations of the Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP). That office is responsible for ensuring that contractors doing business with the federal government do not discriminate and that they take affirmative action.

We can collect search data as required, and we can generate a standardized report containing that data. We charge an additional fee for the use of the features that facilitate compliance, due to the increased server load and storage requirements. But, as Ben Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Employers can face stiff fines for non-compliance; the ultimate sanction for violations is the loss of a company’s federal contracts. Forms of relief to victims of discrimination include back pay for lost wages.

When you invest an “ounce” in an OPCCP-compliant database subscription, you get much more than the prevention of a violation. We have the freshest, largest private database in the military-to-civilian recruitment niche, and you can search it by skill set, geography, security clearance, and more.

The database consists of profiles and resumes of candidates who have military backgrounds, including men and women who are transitioning from active duty to civilian life, members of the National Guard and reserves, veterans who already have civilian work experience, and military spouses.

Our database maintains high numbers of registrants because we give transitioning and veteran personnel several strong inducements to register. Those include free access to all posted jobs, a profile builder with LinkedIn integration, resume upload, and candidate resources that include a veteran-specific resume best practices guide.

The database is diverse in both gender and ethnicity (see Database Snapshot on page 39). During the normal course of initial registration, we ask all candidates whether they want to self-identify their gender and race voluntarily. We store the resulting data so that no recruiter, hiring manager, or other subscriber can see it on the candidate records. At RecruitMilitary, we use the data only in running aggregate reports.

Running an OFCCP-compliant search

The subscriber may either require a requisition number before each search, or choose between a requisition number and a reason for the search. The subscriber can select a reason from a pre-determined list or enter it at the time of the search.

Data captured and stored

For a database search, we capture and store:

  • Person executing the search (based on the individual’s login)
  • Search purpose/job requisition
  • Search date
  • Search criteria
  • Snapshot of candidate profile and resume for all candidates that appear in search results. We store the content exactly as it was received on the day it was viewed. If a search returns multiple pages, we store only the content on the pages viewed.
  • Log of all user actions/ratings/notes related to the candidate
  • For all applications received on a posted job, we capture and store:
  • Job for which the candidates applied
  • All profiles/resumes received
  • Profiles/resumes marked as “Meets Basic Requirements”
  • Date each application was received
  • Log of all user actions/ratings/notes related to the candidate

We store all data for three years.

For more information about how our “ounce” can prevent the federal “cure,” contact your RecruitMilitary Account Executive. For more information about OFCCP requirements, visit 

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