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It’s no secret that successful athletes and athletic teams have coaches who push them to the highest levels and develop strategies for success. Coaches help pave the way for athletes by showing them another perspective, and they provide the benefits of their experience, wisdom, and resources.

People who want to be successful in the workplace can also benefit from a coach – a career coach. Such a coach can help business owners realize options they might not have thought of themselves and provide fresh context. Somebody outside the business – but who knows the business – can be a business owner’s best ally.

Since 1997, ActionCOACH has served thousands of businesses and their owners around the world and in every category imaginable. The company has more than 1,000 offices in 39 countries, and delivers its business development systems to tens of thousands of business owners every week. No other franchise in the “business coaching” category is 10 percent of the size of ActionCOACH in total revenues

ActionCOACH estimates that 10 percent of its coaches are veterans, and they tend to be among the most successful. “Our most successful franchisees are ones who have the discipline to follow the system,” said Jodie Shaw, ActionCOACH CEO for the United States and Canada.

“From what I have seen, our veteran business coaches have the inherent discipline and ability to follow the system. People buy from those they know, like and trust, and vets fill the bill perfectly for our prospects.”

Shaw previously served as the company’s director of franchise sales and marketing, and had spent two years as director of marketing. She joined the company in 2005.

Business coaches spend their weeks meeting with prospective clients, coaching clients over the phone, preparing and delivering seminars, conducting in-house training programs, critiquing their clients’ marketing pieces, performing consultations, and selling the ActionCOACH planning program.

A franchisee’s initial investment includes everything they need to kick-start and run their ActionCOACH business. Their investment includes an educational library of videos, CD’s, and books and a 10-day live-in training program that teaches them how to use the ActionCOACH system and how to sell ActionCOACH services to clients. Their main income stream comes from coaching and mentoring their clients, each providing them with monthly revenue.

Shaw believes leadership experience is one big reason veterans are successful at ActionCOACH.  “Vets have also led teams in the past and value teamwork,” she said. “In fact, since we have a very strong culture within our organization, we have seen that veterans really embrace that culture and are able to truly live and breathe it. This makes them a very successful lot within ActionCOACH and one with a deep sense of community.”

There are many other reasons that veterans are successful at ActionCOACH.  “Veterans are disciplined self-starters; they embrace teamwork and know how to follow a proven path to success,” she said. “ActionCOACH’s technology-driven business systems, highly standardized coaching processes, and ongoing corporate support make our organization an especially good fit for veterans.”

Shaw believes that veterans will find success wherever they go. “We have many veterans within our system who are successfully running their business coaching practice,” she said. “In fact, studies claim that military veterans represent one of the most successful groups of small business owners in the country, and their gross income is more than twice that of non-vet owned small businesses.”

She advises that veterans take a long look at their options. “I would strongly advise former servicemembers looking for opportunities to explore owning a business, whether a franchise or from scratch,” Shaw said. “This is because many former military members thrive through discipline. It’s also a quality that every business owner needs for her company to survive its first few years and become a viable operation. Since they are able to follow systems, they are better suited to getting involved in a franchise system.”

Checking out every opportunity is paramount. “From franchising to starting a company from scratch, there are many ways for military personnel to pursue entrepreneurship,” Shaw said. “I would also advise them to not miss out on major opportunities out there as an increasing number of franchises, as well as corporations, are realizing the value of veterans in their organizations. They should also network and try and explore newer opportunities. Many of them may not realize this, but the armed forces can be seen as a major training ground for leaders as well as entrepreneurs.”

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