Liz Wheeler, RecruitMilitary’s social media manager, answers my questions on how veterans can use RecruitMilitary webinars to learn about transitioning to a new career.

What job-seeking advice do the webinars offer?
Everything from how to work a job fair to secrets of LinkedIn networking, to general advice on navigating the transition from the military to the civilian work force.

What does RecruitMilitary hope to accomplish with the webinars?
Our goal for the entire webinar series is to share our expertise in military-to-civilian recruitment to help veterans find the civilian careers that are best for them. We have been in this business since 1998. We have hosted hundreds of job fairs, helped thousands of veterans find jobs, and worked with an enormous variety of companies that want to hire veterans. We have seen it all, and we love what we do. Now we want to be able to share our know-how with the people we serve – the veterans who are seeking jobs in the civilian work force.

Describe the registration process.
You can register via the links we share on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Those links take you directly to a web page with more information about the webinar and a registration form for our webinar hosting service, Go2Meeting. All you have to do to register is give your name and email address so we can email you the link to the live stream on the day of the webinar.

What equipment does a veteran need to attend?
A desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smart phone is necessary to attend – generally, any device with Internet access, a screen, and audio capability.

Describe the process for logging in.
Click the link that was sent to you upon registration. The software will either ask you to open Go2Meeting or download it. The download takes only two minutes. Once you are downloaded, it will ask you for your name and email address to log you into the webinar. After you are logged in, a small screen will appear on the left hand of your computer screen, as well as a window that will show the webinar slides – until the webinar starts, that window will be blank. There are directions at each stage of logging in, and the whole process is fairly simple.

Do you recommend taking notes during the webinar?
No, please just listen the first time around. There will be opportunities to take notes later; the presentations are available for viewing after the live airing. We upload each webinar within a few days of airing.

How can webinars be viewed again?
We upload the webinars to Vimeo and YouTube. You can access the webinars on Vimeo at For YouTube, use:
“7 Tips for Military Veterans to Get a Job Through a Career Fair”
“5 LinkedIn Secrets for Veteran Job Seekers”

“3 Tactics for Finding a Job As a Military Veteran”
“5 Reasons You Can’t Get a Job and How to Fix That, with Jay Martin”
“Developing Your Social Capital as a Military Veteran, with Bill McGowan”
“6 Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Your Resume as a Military Veteran”

How has the turnout been?
It’s been great! We’ve had solid audiences, and they grow larger with each webinar. One of the best features is the level of audience participation. We have a live Q&A at the end of each webinar, and the veterans who tune in are always prepared and ready to participate and make the most of the experience.

Have you received any feedback about the webinars?
We’ve gotten emails and Facebook posts thanking us for these webinars, so we are looking forward to expanding the topics in 2015. We have also heard from numerous veterans telling us that their confidence levels at job fairs vastly improved after attending “7 Tips for Military Veterans to Get a Job Through a Career Fair.” The survey results after each webinar tell us the majority of veterans who attend are glad they did.

Can attendees give input on what topics to cover?
We are always adding to our queue based on feedback from our audience and new topics we know would be helpful. And we are always looking for great material. So please submit any topics you would like covered on our Facebook or via an email to me at

What topics do you hope to cover in 2015?
How to Craft an Elevator Pitch
How to Answer Tough Interview Questions
5 Steps to Build Your Network to Help You Find a Job
LinkedIn 101: How to Set Up a Basic LinkedIn Profile
How to Turn a Mediocre Resume into a Great One

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