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Homebuyers like to have faith that the house they are about to buy is worth the money. While the house may look fine, especially if there is new carpeting and fresh paint, what is under those floors and behind the walls can often tell a different story.

That’s where HouseMaster, a home inspections franchise, comes in. Since 1979, HouseMaster has answered home inspection questions for real estate industry professionals, homebuyers and home sellers. The company has been ranked one of the top 50 Franchises in “Franchise Business Review’s” Annual Franchisee Satisfaction Survey.Franchise Business Review” is the leading market research company in the franchise industry.  It helps prospective franchise buyers through the examination process of today’s leading franchise systems. The publication creates independent franchisee satisfaction reports that measure the health of any franchise system, based exclusively on the feedback of current franchisees. HouseMaster is proud to have received four stars and is rated among the franchise industry’s top brands in overall franchisee satisfaction.

That is something that pleases Kathleen Kuhn, president of HouseMaster Home Inspections.

“HouseMaster is the number one ranked home inspection franchise organization in North America,” Kuhn said. “ We are the most experienced name in home inspections, and are most proud of the relationships we have built with our franchisees, which have helped us achieve very high marks in regard to franchisee satisfaction.”

Kuhn’s father, who served in the Air Force for four years, started HouseMaster in 1979.  After college graduation, she spent four years in marketing and sales with AT&T before coming back to the family business.

“My entrepreneurial gene kicked in, and I moved back East and opened up a HouseMaster franchise of my own,” she said. “Eventually I moved to corporate, but not before dragging my husband into the system. My husband has been a HouseMaster franchisee since 1987.”

Kuhn said that veterans have had a lot of success becoming HouseMaster franchisees.

“Currently about 10 percent of our franchisees are veterans,” she said. “Our experience with selling franchisees to veterans has been exceptional.  Veterans are a particularly good fit for HouseMaster because training for and consistently executing the inspection process and is similar to training for and consistently executing a military operation.”

HouseMaster offers several reasons that veterans should consider becoming one of its franchisees.

“(This) is a low cost-of-entry franchise opportunity,” Kuhn said. “In addition, we offer veterans a 15 percent discount on the initial franchise fee.  We also have existing ex-military franchisees mentor new ex-military franchisees.  The level of camaraderie, commitment to high standards and overall desire to do the right thing, which typifies the HouseMaster brand, has also proven to be very appealing to veterans looking to transition into a new career.

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