Help for Recruiters – What Does a RecruitMilitary Veteran Hiring Initiative Look Like?

What Does a RecruitMilitary Veteran Hiring Initiative Look Like?  |

By Jasen Williams  |  vice president of agency relations at RecruitMilitary and a veteran of the United States Marine Corps  |

Published in the March/April 2012 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

We have the world’s broadest array of military-to-civilian recruiting products. But our most valuable offering is our consultative service. Help us understand your hiring needs, budget, and time frame. We’ll exchange ideas and find the best product or combination of products for your firm.”

The imagge in this article is a partial reproduction of a report on a combination of products that we delivered on behalf of one of our clients – we have deleted the client’s name, identifications of its products, and descriptions of its job offerings. This combination represented a year-long veteran hiring initiative by the client.

The combination is obviously not an off-the-shelf package of RecruitMilitary products. I can’t go into much detail regarding why we did what we did without breaking confidentiality with the client; but I can tell you that this combination is a result of a great deal of consultation with the client.

We mention veteran hiring initiatives on the pages of Search & Employ®, on our website, and elsewhere. I thought I would make the concept “come alive” by publishing the report.

We have implemented smaller and larger initiatives, simpler and more complex initiatives, and longer- and shorter-term initiatives. What would a veteran hiring initiative for your company look like? Contact me at, and let’s talk about that.

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