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John Evans, a retired senior chief petty officer who spent 24 years in the Navy, knows what the biggest challenge is for service members as they transition out of the military and into civilian jobs.  “They aren’t sure how to market themselves,” said Evans, who is now the Military Business Development Manager for Argosy University. “And sometimes they don’t know the importance of an education when it comes to doing that self-marketing.”

Evans, who got his dolphins as a career submariner, said that his transition from the military into the civilian workforce was a challenging but enjoyable event. He bounced around for a few years before he “found a home run.” He was completing his MBA, and for a final project was developing a business plan to get military personnel into college. He presented it to Argosy University. They liked it so much they let him to create his own position at the institution.

“I now can have direct contact with men and women who are still in the military, and I tell them that it’s all about education,” Evans said. “I tell them they will have more opportunities when they get out if they have a bachelor’s degree. I say the same thing to veterans who are looking for that next dream job.”

Argosy University was formed in September 2001 by the merging of three separate academic institutions. Today, the university comprises four colleges within 19 campus locations across the United States, and also offers degree programs online through its Chicago campus. Degree programs are available through its Colleges of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Business, Education, and Health Sciences.

Evans noted that prospective military students can have their experience and training evaluated for university credit. Credit is applied to a degree program upon the approval of the chair of the department from which the degree is to be awarded.

The good news for veterans and prospective military students is that Argosy will help them understand all their options and benefits. “We know it can be confusing, and we’re happy to help,” Evans said. “We can guide them and help them find the benefits they deserve. We really are about helping the individual and not meeting enrollment goals. We can talk about the G.I. Bill and what’s possible. We’ll also show them all the benefits of getting more education.”

Evans also understands that military students bring something to Argosy. “Veterans have a tremendous amount of life experience to bring to our classes as well,” he acknowledged. “They are also more mature and disciplined, and that can help form a dynamic in the classroom. We believe that military students are among the best.”

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