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Advanced Systems Design, Inc. (ASD) is a certified minority government vendor with a 31-year track record. ASD is a leading information technology and management services provider for the government in the southeastern United States. It understands the challenges procurement departments face and knows how to reduce contracting risks. Within its government service sector, it serves a variety of agencies, including public health, law enforcement, financial services and the Department of Defense. ASD is a service-disabled, veteran-owned company enrolled in the federal 8(a) business development program.

Over the years, ASD has grown into one of the Southeast’s premier providers of networking/collaboration, web solution, application development, management consulting, IT consulting, and IT staffing services to the government sector. John Adams is a vice president at ASD.

“I joined ASD in 1994 in an entry-level administrative position,” he said. “It was an enormous step down from my previous responsibilities, but I saw opportunity for growth and advancement in the rapidly expanding Information Technology industry. Since I was not a ‘techie,’ I employed non-technical skills I learned in the military while learning the IT business on-the-job. I assumed duties in HR, accounting, and business management. Over time, I began supervising IT professionals providing services to our clients. Today, as vice president, I oversee marketing, recruiting, operations, and administration.”

Adams retired from the Air Force as a lieutenant colonel with 26 years of active duty in both intelligence and operations. He said the company is busy and has many needs.

“Although we perform management services, such as strategic planning, disaster recovery, audits, and network services, our core functionality is software design, development, and maintenance,” Adams said. “We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with many Microsoft certified staff members, and we have recently hired Oracle and Java developers and DBAs. All of our project managers are PMI certified. In this time of increased national security, anyone working on a government IT system must have, or be able to obtain, a security clearance.”

He said that veterans have been among ASD’s best employees. “The military teaches personal responsibility,” Adams said. “Be at work – on time – no excuses. Do not expect anyone else to do your job. Hard work is not rewarded – it is expected. If you cannot make a positive contribution, get out of the way of those who can. Take initiative, but crossing a border without permission can lead to a fight.”

Employees who can take charge and work independently are just two reasons ASD likes to hire veterans. “We are growing, and as we expand our business into other states, we need people who can work alone, without on-site supervision. The veteran with a security clearance, solid technical skills, and the ability to accept responsibility will have a successful career with ASD.”

Adams advises veterans to have an open mind when applying for jobs post-military. “Do not wear your rank into your first civilian job,” he said. “Be willing to begin at a lower level than you deserve, but don’t expect to stay there. Prove yourself capable of increased responsibilities.”

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