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Since 1983, Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) has been a leading provider of outsourced corrections management to federal, state, and local government agencies—the company manages prisons and jails around the country. CCA manages more than half of all beds under contract with private corrections management providers. It represents the fourth-largest corrections system in the United States, following the federal government and three states.

The organization manages approximately 75,000 offenders and detainees in more than 60 facilities. Forty-four of those facilities are company-owned, with a total bed capacity of more than 80,000. The company employs nearly 17,000 professionals in security, academic, and vocational education, health care, inmate programs, maintenance, management, and administration. CCA constantly recruits professionals for entry-level, mid-level, and senior-level opportunities—from frontline corrections officers in security to seasoned and advanced leaders in administration and management.

“We have found that the majority of veterans with CCA excel in security positions in facility operations, largely due to the training, experience and exposure veterans typically possess in matters of safety and security,” said Wendy Gardner, CCA’s Senior Director, Staffing and Recruiting. “However, we are fond of saying that a CCA facility is like a small town, in terms of the scope and diversity of services provided each day. So veterans, whatever their interest or background, can begin or continue a career in rehabilitative programs, health services, quality assurance, education, and many other areas in a correctional setting.”

CCA has been hiring veterans since its inception in 1983. “CCA has always enjoyed a symbiotic relationship with the military,” said Gardner. “Our cultures complement each other; our modes of operation are akin; the value we assign to teamwork, camaraderie, integrity and the established chain of command all coincide. While CCA’s tie with the military is as old as the company, strategic efforts to specifically target and recruit military veterans formally began on a companywide scale in 2005, with a campaign branded ‘From Camouflage to Corrections.’ ”

Veterans have a great opportunity to advance quickly at CCA. “We offer national opportunities in various facility types in major metropolitan areas, small towns, and destinations in betweent,” Gardner said. “Veterans play a vital role in our employee base and are represented at all rungs of our established career ladder.  The pay here is fair pay, and there are plenty of chances to advance. This organization appreciates people who work hard. That gets recognized. And we know veterans work hard.”

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