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Published in the November/December 2011 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

Homeland Security Solutions, Inc. (HSSI) is a small business established by a team of experienced security professionals who provide capabilities in public safety, physical security and law enforcement training, vulnerability assessments, electronic security systems design, engineering, and systems integration. The company is owned by a veteran, and it is made up of military, civilian, federal law-enforcement, and security specialists with diverse backgrounds in all public safety core competencies. Forty-one percent of HSSI employees are veterans, and a third of those are Disabled American Veterans (DAV).

HSSI offers instructional system design, eLearning content development and implementation, training records management, facilitated and web-based course delivery methodology, consultation services, and both physical and electronic security services. A trained cadre of certified instructors organized into Mobile Training Teams provide an on-site training package in support of the Marine Corps and Navy. In addition, HSSI offers consulting services led by professionals experienced in DoD anti-terrorism instructor qualification, joint and service-based exercise planning, and electronic security systems.

Right now, HSSI is targeting personnel to help them serve the Marine Corps. Each Marine Corps installation across the country has an internal civilian police department. HSSI provides human resources, training, and logistical support to those programs.

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