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The Electronic Systems and Defense sector of ITT develops and deploys secure networked communications systems; essential sensing, surveillance and reconnaissance; and structures technologies. Products and services include counter-IED systems, networked communications systems that provide the ability to communicate securely and without interruption, radar warning and situational awareness for pilots, minesweeping capabilities and sonar and sensors for situational awareness for the Navy and shipboard, and mobile and fixed radar systems that support fighter air combat operations and coastal surveillance.

Richard Eichele, an Information Systems Security Officer and a Navy veteran said it’s obvious why ITT likes to hire veterans. “ITT deals with different government contracts that specifically involve military sectors,” he said. “My company hires veterans that understand and have experience dealing with the different needs of the defense community. Veterans make good employees because they are trained to work as a team and are always focused on one mission.”

He also said that a strong similarity between the military and ITT makes the organization a good fit for service members looking for a second career. “ITT continues to challenge their employees, similar to the ways the military did,” Eichele said. “ITT also encourages and promotes their employees, furthering their careers.”

Carrie Weaver, Manager of Inclusion and Diversity and EEO Advocacy for ITT Electronic Systems, sees a connection between the military and ITT. “Working at ITT enables veterans to continue their positive contribution to keeping our great nation safe and secure,” she said. “At ITT, we foster an inclusive workforce that is founded on the principals of respect, responsibility, and integrity. We believe veterans embody these core values and, as employees, will continue to lead by example.”

Weaver pointed out that ITT purposely looks for veterans for any open position. “ITT proudly targets veterans through our recruiting practices,” she said. “We specifically seek veterans because of their military know-how, industry-related experience, and previous security clearance requirements.”

“Veterans are patriotic at their core,” she continued. “They understand teamwork, leadership and the mission of defending our great nation as well as the needs of the end user. Many of our vets have used ITT’s technologies in the field. They have seen our products aid armed forces, and they want to continue that commitment to their nation and fellow Americans.”

Weaver said that ITT currently hiring and is optimistic about 2011. “Because we design, develop and manufacture military electronics and services, we primarily hire employees with engineering, science and management backgrounds,” she said. “From college grads to tenured professionals, we hire employees at all levels. Additionally, we often hire employees with skills in contracts, procurement, finance, marketing, and business development.”

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