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Paul Bates, Vice President of Global Enterprise Solutions at Verizon Business, oversees about 1,400 employees who provide professional services to the government. He also helps oversee the Federal Network Solutions unit. Bates served 20 years in the Army, retiring as a major. He started his military career in the Signal Corps, then transferred to aviation. Ultimately, he moved into information technology while earning a master’s degree in information systems.

“We have a lot of projects where we don’t just get to help people with their technology, but also their business processes,” said Bates. “We do a lot more than technology. Our people love it; working with processes and people is a lot more rewarding than just working with technology.”

Verizon Business is a leading provider of global IT, security, and communication solutions for private enterprises and government agencies—in fact, it is the largest provider of communications services to the U.S. government. The company offers local-to-global network capabilities coupled with a broad range of telecommunications products and services, including internet protocol services, managed network services, and systems integration.

Bates owes a lot of his success to the lessons he learned in the military. “It was a phenomenal experience that I continue to draw on,” he said. “The military provides a great opportunity to get an education as well as learn a lot about leadership, self discipline, and learning to be a self-starter that can transfer to the civilian world. Most of the people I meet who have military experience also seem to have a lot of positive energy. That can be extremely valuable in the civilian world.”

Bates pointed out that there are different challenges in the civilian work world. “In the military the command to ‘take that hill’ means ‘take that hill’,” he said. “It gets done. But in the civilian workplace there is a lot more collaboration and need to get a buy-in. Both are effective, but we need to be ready for both.”

According two Bates, two additional factors make veteran a good fit for careers at Verizon Business: (1) a continuing drive to learn and (2) possession of security clearances. He noted that the organization provides good opportunities for advancement and that it is a stable company that will be around for a long time. He also emphasized that veterans get an opportunity to continue to support their former mission.

“We support the federal government 100 percent with many sensitive positions,” Bates said. “(Veterans) can still feel like they are supporting their country through working here. They would definitely be helping a cause.”

When Search & Employ interviewed Bates in late September 2010, he had 150 open positions and expected job opportunities to double in early 2011. “We have a lot of great opportunities for great people here,” he said. “I encourage all veterans to explore the possibilities.”

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