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By Mike Francomb  |  senior vice president of marketing at RecruitMilitary and a former captain in the United States Army  |

Published in the May/June 2013 issue of print Search & Employ®  |

RecruitMilitary encourages job seekers to use this guide to learn about the energy sector of the economy and job opportunities in that sector.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), a part of the United States Department of Labor, publishes an Occupational Outlook Handbook that has chapters on energy jobs. Each chapter’s main page has eight tabs: (1) Summary, (2) What They Do, (3) Work Environment, (4) How to Become One, (5) Pay, (6) Job Outlook, (7) Similar Occupations, and (8) Contacts for More Info. The links to the chapters are:

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA;, a part of the United States Department of Energy, has an 8-page Sources and Uses section; each page is filled with links to statistics and reports:

The American Petroleum Institute (API; has an Oil and Natural Gas Overview tab that connects to a “Wells to Consumer Interactive Diagram” and four sets of links:
(1) Exploration and Production, with six links: (i) Onshore, (ii) Offshore, (iii) Natural Gas, (iv) Oil Sands, (v) Oil Shale, and (vi) Hydraulic Fracturing.
(2) Transportation, with three links: (i) Oil Tankers, (ii) Pipelines, and (iii) Pipeline Performance Tracking System.
(3) Refining, with four links: (i) Refineries, (ii) Gasoline, (iii) Diesel, and (iv) Heating Oil.
(4) Consumer, with three links: (i) FAQ’s, (ii) Use Energy Safely, and (iii) Use Energy Wisely.
An Environment, Health & Safety Tab on the API home page connects to sets of links on:
*  Environmental Principles
*  Clean Air
*  Climate Change
*  Clean Water
*  Health and Safety
*  Energy Efficiency and Recycling
*  Process Safety
*  Private-Public Partnerships
*  Environmental Performance
A membership link on the API home page connects to a page with a API Members link, and that link connects to page listing the organization’s corporate members. Each listing is a live link to a corporate website, and many of those sites include careers pages.

The Edison Electric Institute (EEI;, an association of shareholder-owned electric companies, has a member company listing at Each listing is a live link to a corporate website, and many of those sites include careers pages. Electricity 101 ( is a 51-page overview of the electric power industry.

The National Mining Association publication 2011 Coal Producer Survey,, contains a non-linked list of the major coal producers in the United States.

The Nuclear Energy Institute ( has a Careers and Education page at
and a Sample Job Descriptions and Salaries page at
Also at the NEI site:
Nuclear Statistics:
Graphics and Charts:

The Solar Energy Industries Association ( is an industry advocacy organization. Its industry data page,, includes graphs showing the growth of installed capacity and the decline in the installed price. The Solar Technology page,, has links to articles on photovoltaic (PV) devices (solar cells), solar heating and cooling, and devices that concentrate solar power.

The American Wind Energy Association ( is an advocacy organization with pages devoted to education, wind power issues, AWEA activities, etc. 20% Wind Energy by 2030, a 35-page PDF of a report published in 2008 by the United States Department of Energy, is available at:

To learn about the issues, the major players, and the general buzz in the energy industry, I suggest that you read magazines on the subject. Many such publications are available both in print and online, and have their own websites.

PennWell Corporation publishes:
Oil & Gas Journal           
Power Engineering         
Electric Light & Power    
Hydro Review                 
Renewable Energy World

Oildom Publishing Company of Texas, Inc., publishes Pipeline & Gas  Journal

The American Gas Association publishes American Gas

Access Intelligence publishes Power                           

The American Public Power Association publishes Public Power

BBI International publishes Ethanol Producer Magazine

WDM Group publishes Energy Digital                             

The American Solar Energy Society publishes Solar Today

Zackin Publications, Inc., publishes North American Windpower  

WTWH Media, LLC, publishes Windpower Engineering & Development

LJB Management, Inc., powers a site called    

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