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Founded over 50 years ago, the Arizona-based Swift Transportation Corporation generates more than $3.5 billion in revenue each year and operates more than 16,000 trucks. Scott Maldonado, the director of recruiting and driver development at Swift Transportation, started with the organization 14 years ago. He joined them right out of the military and has held many different positions ranging from operations, safety, recruiting and driver development.

“I spent eight years in the U.S. Army as a combat engineer, where I spent majority of my time overseas,” Maldonado said. “A big reason for my professional success has to do with the military and the discipline they instill in every airman, seaman, Marine, and soldier.”

Maldonado said that the vision one man had decades ago still drives the company’s culture. “Swift was built from the vision that one man – Jerry Moyes – had over 40 years ago in Plain City, Utah,” he said. “He started out as a one-truck outfit called Common Market Distributors hauling steel out of California, and here we stand 16,000-plus trucks later. Although we are one of the largest truck load carriers in the nation with 32 terminals across the country, we’re still led by a group of dedicated professionals who know that the right support makes all the difference.”

The opportunities at Swift Transportation are nearly endless, according to Maldonado. “Individuals are able to come into a new profession that offers the ‘best in class’ career path available,” he said. “When you join the Swift family you have joined the industry’s leader. Swift’s driver career path offers you the ability come in as a student driver, and within a year you can own your business. Many of our own leaders came from driving a truck themselves, and this shows how strongly Swift believes in employee development.”

Swift also believes in the skills, maturity and experience of the men and women who served Uncle Sam. “Many military members make great employees because they are loyal, hardworking, have leadership skills, and get along with others in stressful situations,” Maldonado said.

“The transition from the military to Swift is pretty much seamless,” he notes. “Here at Swift we strongly encourage every team member to balance their work lives as well as their personal lives. We believe and practice servant leadership within our organization to ensure Swift is the ‘Employer of Choice.’”

Swift Transportation is always looking to hire drivers, shop mechanics, operations support, customer service, finance, sales, information technology, and human-resources workers.

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