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David Hall, a regional director for ICDC, said there are many ways military students can use their benefits. “As a designated Institute of Higher Learning, ICDC College’s attending veteran students and eligible family members may be eligible to utilize Veteran’s Educational Benefits based upon Chapter 30, 31, 33, 1606, 1607, MyCAA, and Yellow Ribbon,” he said. “In addition, ICDC College participates in many Department of Education Title IV Financial Aid Programs.”

He also said that the school designs programs to help service members and veterans get the education they want. “We provide career training where they can translate their life experiences into classroom training, because many of our programs reflect either their past work experience, military training, or career objectives,” Hall said. “We have developed several programs which address military experiences. For example, we offer programs in Homeland Security and Investigation, Alcohol and Drug Counseling, Crime Scene Investigation, and Forensic Science.”

When it comes right down to it, Hall said, the college staff makes the biggest difference. “No educational program is successful without the right staff, those that place their priority on student success, and the faculty to support the learning process,” he said. “Our faculty members are professionals from their respective career fields, not simply educators. Each faculty member brings that personal touch and years of real-world experience to the learning environment. Secondly, ICDC College has developed programs that often reflect the life experiences and training that a military servicemen or servicewomen may have, and that can help them in their training. Finally, our responsibility is not finished when training is completed. ICDC College has a staff of job developers whose sole responsibility is to assist each graduate with their employment search.”

Marcel Ming, a senior admissions advisor, served in the Marines for three years. Having been on the military side and the admission side, Ming understands why education is so important and how ICDC can help. “Active or former servicemembers can benefit from a career at ICDC College, because we have several campuses to choose from in addition to online programs for those individuals who need more flexibility,” Ming said. “We also have a dedicated team of military education advisors, who assist in the enrollment process and discuss career choices in detail. Also, because we have several veterans currently employed with ICDC College it’s very likely that you still might hear familiar phrases like ‘Attention on Deck!’ and ‘Pop Tall,’ or my personal favorite: ‘Semper Fi.’”

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