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MVM provides law-enforcement services in three primary categories: Professional Services, Law Enforcement Programs, and Global Support Services. Three former U.S. Secret Service Agents founded MVM in 1979. The company has grown from a small business specializing in personal security and training services to a diversified government contractor operating worldwide and employing nearly 3,500. MVM has been being among INC Magazine’s 500 fastest growing, privately held companies in America on three occasions.

In the 1980’s, MVM was awarded a contract by the Department of State to supply Cleared American Guards (CAG) to United States embassies throughout the world. By the time MVM completed its work with that program in 1997, more than 700 MVM employees had served in 85 countries. Since then, MVM has provided services to a list of government agencies that include the Navy, Air Force, Department of Justice, Drug Enforcement Administration, U.S. Marshals Service, Internal Revenue Service, Department of Energy, Department of Commerce, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Bureau of Prisons, FEMA, Federal Protective Service, and the National Institutes of Health.

“Our biggest need right now is for qualified linguistics and analysts who can offer their expert knowledge of language, culture, and the political climate, said Paul Maltagliati, Director, Law Enforcement and Security Services. “We find that former military service members often possess very relevant, hands-on experience in a number of these fields.”

Leadership is one reason Maltagliati said that veterans are coveted among law enforcement and security organizations. “Veterans make good employees for the same reasons they make good leaders,” he said. “Many have leadership experience far beyond what you see in their civilian peers, and they know that every tactic, every action, can have a real consequence in terms of the overall strategy. Former military personnel are used to making decisions under pressure and learning from failure as well as success. Finally, they are flexible and agile—quickly evolving and adapting to find the best path to success.”

Maltagliati said MVM appreciates what veterans bring to the table. “MVM’s employees work daily to counter the language barriers, technological limitations, and physical barriers that impede our nation’s objectives domestically and abroad,” he said. “As an organization with many former military personnel, we have a deep appreciation and respect for the training, leadership skills, and mission context that is a critical part of military service.”


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