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The Rochester, New York, Police Department’s goals are to make the city safer, reduce the fear of crime, and work in partnership with the community, carrying out a mission of “Crime Reduction – Customer Service – Professionalism.” The 850-person RPD is responsible for an area of about 37 square miles.

Fabian Rivera, an RPD officer, is currently assigned to the Special Operations Division. He serves in the Tactical Unit, which provides pro-active investigative efforts, technical equipment, canine support services for building searches and tracking, as well as nitrate and narcotic searches. Rivera is also a member of the Emergency Task Force (SWAT team). He was selected to the team in 2003, and currently serves as a sniper/observer.

In addition to his police duties, Rivera has ties to the military. “I still serve in the United States Army Reserve as a TPU (Troop Program Unit) soldier, assigned as the NCOIC (Noncommissioned Officer in Charge) for Force Protection in G-3 of the 98th Division (Institutional Training),” he said. “I enlisted in the Marine Corps in 1989, serving four years on active duty, and transferred to the reserves, serving an additional nine years. I switched over to the Army reserves in 2003, deploying to Iraq in support of OIF/OEF II in 2004 and 2005. My military background consists of Physical Security and Force Protection, serving as a Marine Security Guard, and a PSD (Protective Services Detail (PSD) team leader in Iraq.”

“My last assignment was recruit class counselor,” said Rivera. “Serving in that capacity, I witnessed firsthand the hiring of approximately 20 military veterans. In my graduating class back in 2000, there were at least seven veterans out of a class of 34.”

In the last 30 months, the RPD has hired approximately 80 new officers; and it is currently seeking more candidates. Rivera said it is no secret that the RPD and other law enforcement organizations like to hire veterans. “Veterans make good employees because they embody the values that make good police officers,” he said.

Rivera also mentioned that veterans like to work at the RPD. “Our organization, profession, and organizational culture are perfect fits for a veteran,” he said. “Law enforcement is a paramilitary organization, which means an easy transition for a veteran. The brotherhood, honor, and courage my fellow police officers demonstrate on a daily basis are the same traits and behaviors that our soldiers are demonstrating worldwide.”

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