• Camilla Hull: “I refused to be a statistic”  – Veteran Success Story

    Camilla Hull: “I refused to be a statistic” – Veteran Success Story

    Army veteran encourages education, saying, “Civilians care nothing about you jumping out of a plane, but the letters behind your name hold weight.” Sergeant Camilla Gore Hull knew that joining United States Army would prepare her for a brighter future. “I was a young, single parent and refused to be a statistic. I married the [...]

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  • Once Recruited, Now Recruiting

    Once Recruited, Now Recruiting

    September 11th was the impetus for Calvin Grier to serve his country as part of the United States Marine Corps.  “I was not prepared to do anything after high school, but then 9/11 happened and I felt it was my duty to join at that point. I went off to boot camp on September 17, [...]

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  • Sure-Fire Resume and Interview Tips

    Sure-Fire Resume and Interview Tips

    Brian Ekerman knows what to look for in hiring veterans because he is a veteran himself. Ekerman is a Recruiter Consultant at Pontoon Solutions, a global talent management company, and has worked as a veteran career counselor where he connected veterans with jobs in the airline, financial services, telecommunications, retail, utilities, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and transportation [...]

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  • Rosa Hernandez Veteran Success Story

    Rosa Hernandez Veteran Success Story

    Rosa Hernandez served as an Operations Specialist in the Navy for ten years, rising to the rank of Petty Officer Second Class. “I joined the military for college and to help out my family,” she relates. The skills that she picked up during her time in the Navy were many, but the most valuable ones [...]

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  • Making Connections

    Making Connections

    Amtrak is walking the walk when it comes to veteran hiring. The passenger railroad serves more than 31 million passengers annually and 500 destinations nationwide. The company committed in June 2013 that 25% of their new hires would be veterans by 2015. Over the next year, Amtrak expects to hire more than 3,000 employees, and [...]

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  • How Military Spouses Can Avoid Resume Mistakes

    How Military Spouses Can Avoid Resume Mistakes

    Written by Kelly Fuhlman As a military spouse you likely take on many duties every day, especially as you try to improve your career skills.  One taxing chore that can be tough to keep up with is creating/updating your resume.  There are some common mistakes that most military spouses will make on their resumes.  Given [...]

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  • Ace the Phone Interview

    Ace the Phone Interview

    This article provides key information to help job seekers ace the phone interview.  To begin, I want to provide some insight as to what the initial process looks like upon submitting an application.  Every company may have a slightly different version but the basic steps are usually the same or similar. First, you submit an [...]

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    JOB SEEKERS should use this guide to learn about financial services and insurance and the job opportunities in those fields. All of the URL’s below are live links in the digital replica of Search & Employ®. You can access the digital magazine as well as PDF’s of this issue and back issues from http://rmvets.com/SearchEmploy. The [...]

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    Financial Companies Are a Wise Investment for Veterans GLOSSARY Auditors review financial records to make sure that the records are accurate. CASL®, ChFC®, and CLU® are professional designations issued by the American College of Financial Services. Commodities traders deal in contracts for bulk quantities of substances such as metals, crude oil and other energy sources, [...]

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  • It’s All About Work Ethic

    It’s All About Work Ethic

    “Military veterans don’t count the number of hours they are scheduled to be at work. They stay as long as necessary to get the job done.” In 1978 Southern Auto Group opened its first location in the Hampton Roads area. Since then the company has swelled to eight core dealerships across the Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, [...]

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