Juanamettre Butler served 21 years in the Army before retiring as a master sergeant. During that time, she was a military police officer, airborne paratrooper, drill instructor, and inspector general. She is now a police officer for the Chesterfield County Police Department and currently the department’s recruiter.  Butler has been working there since 1999 and has advanced to corporal. She has been a member of the Honor Guard Team and the Special Response Unit, and has served as a general instructor, a defensive tactics instructor, and ASP baton instructor.

Butler said it wasn’t hard to move from a military life to one at the Chesterfield County Police Department. “When leaving the military, I feel it is easy to transition into a career in law enforcement,” she said. “I have worked for the department for 14 years, and they have always supported my law-enforcement career as well as my military career. The Army taught me honor, loyalty, integrity, and teamwork. These are the same traits required of the police officers of Chesterfield County Police Department.”

Being someone who takes charge has paid off for Butler. “The department embraces individuals that are motivated and possess leadership skills,” she said.

About the Author

This article was written by Liz Wheeler