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“We have a proud history of hiring veterans,” said Michael E. Goodboe, Senior Vice President and Regional Human Resources Director for G4S Secure Solutions in North America. “I came to the company directly from the Navy, and have been here ever since. Veterans are particularly qualified for our line of work, and we actively seek them out, rather than just waiting for them to apply.”

G4S North America and G4S Secure Solutions USA are part of G4S, which has 625,000 employees in more than 125 countries.

“We have a program for military officers and senior enlisted to transition to management positions with the company,” said Goodboe, “and we participate in the U.S. Army’s PaYS Program, which focuses on placing enlisted personnel with companies after they leave the service. G4S in the U.S. has a full-time recruiter of veterans. He and others throughout the organization staff military job fairs, where they often sign veterans up on the spot.”

Goodboe has been with G4S for more than 28 years. He manages all elements of HR operations at G4S Secure Solutions USA, and oversees HR endeavors for other G4S companies in the U.S. and Canada. He spent 21 years in the Navy, retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 2, Cryptology, serving in national intelligence operations as a reporting analyst and translator of Portuguese, Polish, and Spanish.

“We are a security solutions company, meaning that we provide myriad security services from guarding and monitoring to cash transport,” Goodboe said. He also said the industry has changed a lot recently.  “Private security has undergone an amazing professionalization in recent years. The days of the night watchman are over. Our biggest need is for individuals who are loyal and trustworthy, and skilled in technology and personnel management. In the U.S. and Canada, we intend to be the employer of choice in the industry, and that’s not going to happen without qualified leadership. We are growing; therefore, the job outlook is positive.”

Goodboe believes veterans match up well with the opportunities at G4S. “Veterans make good employees because they have been pre-tested and qualified by the military,” he said. “In a recent study, we found that veterans have a significantly lower turnover rate than their peers in our company. This enhances their desirability to our organization. Veterans are a natural fit for our company, as much of what we do falls under the paramilitary umbrella.”

He advises veteran job seekers to transform what they did in the military into a language civilians will comprehend. “Translate your military skills to civilian terminology, keeping in mind that most people can’t identify with phrases like, ‘Managed a team of 400,’ ” he said.

Goodboe also encourages veterans to take their next prospective employer seriously  – especially if it’s G4S. “Get on the website and study our organization,” he said. “If it excites you, consider joining us. Do not seek us out as a transition job. This is good advice for joining any organization. Re-do your resume to highlight the training or duties you have had that directly relate to the job you are seeking. Figure out what you can do for us and make that your focus.

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