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Nearly every American pilot, soldier and marine has trained with one of Cubic’s air-or-ground combat training systems to gain the winning edge in battle. The company’s avionics products have meant the difference between life and death for pilots who have been downed and rescued behind enemy lines. Cubic Corporation is a global leader in defense and transportation systems and services, and is emerging as an international supplier of smart cards and RFID solutions. Cubic also provides homeland security systems and services for maritime, airport, public transportation and government customers.

Cubic’s Mission Support Services strongly believes that military service enhances the ability of its employees to support the military customer. Its targeted military recruiting campaigns and military friendly employment practices ensure a first-class employee base. More than 70 percent of employees have military experience.

Wilfredo Quiles is a program manager with Cubic. “I have had an amazing experience working for Cubic,” said Quiles, who retired as the Army Quartermaster School Operations Sergeant Major after more than 27 years of service. “I began employment with Cubic as a program manager supporting classroom and tactical training for young soldiers. I believe every servicemember should be trained by individuals who regard them as sons and daughters going into harm’s way.”

Given Cubic’s focus, it makes sense to look to veterans, said Quiles. “Cubic’s experience with hiring veterans has been very gratifying,” he said. “Veterans come to Cubic with a wealth of knowledge and skill sets which have been learned and honed through many years of training and sometimes through very complex situations. They bring a special discipline and work ethic to the company, and strive to improve systems and products as they were trained and learned to do throughout their military careers.”

There are also several reasons why veterans will enjoy working at Cubic. “Our worldwide business base in Defense contracting affords veterans the opportunity to continue working in their chosen field after retiring or leaving their respective service,” Quiles said. “With such a large employee base of veterans, we have a solid foundation of support and understanding of veterans and their capabilities.”

Quiles oversees the recruiting program for the operations support division of Cubic, and strives to fill and close all open positions within 30 days.  He noted that Cubic has many opportunities across the globe in 130 locations in 31 states and 22 countries. The job run the gamut from program management to analysis, engineering, information technology, exercise planning, simulations, training, instruction, linguistics and logistics.

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