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Walgreens is a true American success story. Founded in 1901 by a Charles R. Walgreen, Sr., the company has grown from one store measuring just 50 feet by 20 feet to more than 7,700 stores with locations in all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Walgreens is the largest private user of satellite technology. Perhaps even more impressive, the company has recorded 36 consecutive years of record sales.

Walgreens also operates more than 700 health and wellness clinics in its stores and on employer worksites. The company acquired two worksite health center companies in 2008, and integrated their services into a new Health and Wellness division. The health centers on or near employer campuses offer services that include primary and acute care; wellness, pharmacy, and disease management services; and health and fitness programming.

Glen Williams, Community Recruiter – Disability & Military Outreach for Walgreens, served five years in the Navy before separating as a petty officer third class. His current task is to create and execute the Walgreens Disability and Military strategy and outreach efforts for all business points.

“We are much more than your neighborhood drugstore,” he said. “We are a company of pharmacists, nurses, retail store staff, e-commerce professionals, analysts, and others who are focused on serving our customers and finding better ways to run our business. Here, you will find supportive co-workers, an innovative environment, and the tools you need to grow your skills, help build healthy communities, and advance your career.”

The opportunities go well beyond the retail locations. “We have great career opportunities at Walgreens corporate offices in Deerfield, Illinois, distribution centers, store operations, and Take Care Clinics, to name a few,” Williams said. “Job opportunities span all levels of professional technical experiences – for example, e-commerce and IT technicians at our distribution centers.”

The dedication to hiring veterans starts at the top, said Williams. “According to our President and CEO Greg Wasson, Walgreens has a good history of hiring veterans,” Williams said. “Many times, after serving in the military, those young vets came to us with a great sense of discipline, hard work, and commitment. He recalled that when he was in charge of developing our Las Vegas market, we hired many folks who’d been in the military, a number of whom had been stationed at nearby Nellis Air Force Base.”

“Veterans make great Walgreens employees because, like the military, Walgreens has something for everyone who wants to build a successful career,” Williams said. “Anywhere you go, you’ll find supportive co-workers, a positive environment, and the tools you need to pursue your interests, grow your skills, and advance your career. Walgreens shares many of the same values that were instilled in the military. Because of those aligned values, Walgreens has a long-standing interest to employ those that have served our country. In fact, our founder served in the Spanish-American War. His training and experience serving in the military were the cornerstone principles that he used to build the Walgreens Co. we know today.”

Williams said that the military shares Walgreens’ values of teamwork and collaboration. “From their experience in the military, veterans also possess some of the same core competencies that we look for in our individual contributors: communicating effectively, embracing change, prudent risk-taking and innovation, driving results, and solving problems.”

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