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C.R. Horton, director of Extended Campus Internet at Limestone College, is proud to say that his school has largest number of veterans of any private school in South Carolina. He’s not only proud because he works there; he also has extensive military service. A veteran of 21 years in the Navy, Horton is the perfect candidate to talk about how an education can advance a veteran’s career.

After leaving the Navy, Horton was self employed, working as a contractor with the federal government. Realizing he needed to further his education, he enrolled at Limestone. It wasn’t long before he was hired there in various capacities, including marketing to military students, developing the Internet education program for the college, becoming the college’s first vice president for IT, and teaching classes.

“I was fortunate that my military career flowed smoothly into my civilian one, and that my civilian career grew from my military one,” he said. “I have enjoyed helping military students as I was once helped.”

Limestone College is an accredited, independent, co-educational, four-year liberal arts institution chartered by the State of South Carolina. It is a non-denominational Christian college. Its programs lead to Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Social Work, Associate of Arts, and Associate of Science degrees.

Limestone has a half-tuition program for military students. “The student has to have a military ID and be active duty, reserve, or in the Guard,” Horton said.

He believes that the college’s flexibility attracts military students. Classes are generally shorter, with online classes only eight weeks long. Classes that take place in a classroom are usually only four weeks long and cover one subject at a time.

“Students can choose whether they would rather be in a regular classroom or take their classes online in most cases,” Horton said. “Many go back and forth. They can set up their degree plan how they want to pursue it. We have military students in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, and Japan. Anywhere there is Internet access, we can reach students.”

With 16 majors at the school, Horton believes there is something at Limestone for everyone. “We have health care administration, criminal justice, psychology, social work, business administration with concentrations, computer science, information systems, and more,” he said.

Limestone College enrolls more than 825 traditional day students and 2,800 Extended Campus students at eight sites in South Carolina and on the Internet. Limestone’s total enrollment is more than 3,500, making it the largest private, regionally accredited institution in South Carolina.

“We have six VA certified officials ready to help military students with their benefits,” Horton said. “Plus, there are a lot of retired military in the admissions department looking out for our fellow veterans.”

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