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Anyone interested in working at Insight Communications should be prepared to work hard and give 110 percent. He or she should also be ready for an organization that is growing and is family friendly.

“I believe our organization is a good fit for veterans because we offer the structure and core values similar to those they experienced in the military,” said Suzanne Sellers, district recruiter for Insight. “The culture of our company is a demanding one that exacts high standards, while also being friendly and family-oriented.”

Insight was founded in 1985 and is a full service telecommunications company providing phone, high-speed Internet and video services to more than 750,000 customers in the Midwest. The company has built its success based on a group of employees who possess intellectual curiosity, high energy, a competitive spirit, a team orientation and a clear focus on providing excellent customer service. It believes that the most important connections aren’t between machines, but between people.

The company realized that some of the best people to help them make those connections were coming from the military. “Our company has had great success hiring veterans throughout our organization for all departments,” Sellers said. “Recently, we hired two outside sales representatives at the Recruit Military job fair in July, and they are doing very well in their roles. Additionally, our technical group has had success in hiring veterans because of the technical knowledge and training they received from the military.”

“Our district sales manager is a retired Army command sergeant major, and he believes there are several reasons that veterans make good employees,” said Sellers. “Namely, veterans bring many important attributes or intangible skills including self-discipline, commitment, integrity, respect and a strong work ethic. In addition, veterans are accustomed to working in a structured environment with well-defined rules of engagement; they can readily adapt to new surroundings, and carry themselves in a very professional manner.”

There are a lot of job opportunities at Insight, from management and technical support to  customer service representatives, outside sales representatives and cable technicians. Sellers has some advice for job seekers: “I would advise them to have a professionally written resume that provides details about the work related experience they acquired while serving in the military,” she said.

She encourages those interested in landing a position at Insight to go online and become familiar with the company and its current openings. “Once prospective candidates have determined the positions of interest, they should apply online and ensure the application and resume submitted contain all of the relevant work and education experience related to the position. Lastly, I always encourage candidates to follow up and contact the Human Resource Representative to inquire about their application and possible company interest.”

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